The Loom

A text commissioned for the Global Art Forum of Art Dubai 7, 2013.

Animation : Moving Scores

André Vida’s Moving Scores was an installation of films and animated musical notations that took place at New York City’s Eyebeam space, 10–13 April 2014 as part of The Tri-Centric Music Festival. 

Touch : Alone Together

A film by Evelina Vida and André Vida 2017

password : togetheralone

Touch : ‘Scopa!’ commissioned by the European Saxophone Ensemble (2013)

Restriction : Tie Me Up

An excerpt of Tie Me Up from live performance at Maybeck Hall in Berkeley CA

Compositions using other methods

‘Balinese’ from Minor Differences
‘202ccc’ from Minor Differences
‘soppfroggy’ from Minor Differences
‘Smsing Tonk Tong Zita’ from the Pink Book